Public sessions

If you have never tried climbing before or you'd like to get to know us, you can come to our public shifts. They are pen without reservations and you can come with or without a friend. The tower is open for two hours, and during that time you can climb as many times as you can. The fee is 5 € / person and it includes all necessary climbing gear. Safety is our priority - only trained members of High Sport are allowed to belay. So, customers or non-members are not allowed to belay even if they have previous experience. 

The public shift times can be found on the front page.

Please note that the number of climbers vary during public sessions, and some days might be crowded. If you are familiar to climbing and would like to pursue it further, we recommend to join the club.

The public shifts are closed during winter months due to low temperature. You'll find up-to-date information on the front page.