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Tornin pelisäännöt

Securing the public


How can I access the tower? 

As a member, you can use the tower 24/7. To get in the tower you can either borrow a key from a board member, or follow the High Sport Group in Facebook and ask there, if someone is at the tower.

Who can climb in the tower?

Free climbing is for members only. Groups, public sessions and friend visits are always under supervision of members. In cave the age limit is 15 - younger climbers need a permission from their parents. 

Am I allowed to bring a friend to try climbing?

Yes. The fee is 3 € and possibly shoe rent 2 €. Members are in response of the friends they bring in the tower. Persons who are not members may climb in the cave only with a member. Only members are allowed to secure other climbers. 

What do I do when I access the tower?

The main door has to be kept locked all the time, also during public and group sessions. You can get inside with a key or by ringing the doorbell. When you access the tower, write dwn your name, date and time in the notebook.

What do I do when I leave the tower?

Mark your leaving time in the notebook. Make sure that the main door is locked when you exit. If you are the last one, make sure that the stereos and lights are switched off, and the yellow box upstairs is locked.

I don't have my own equipment, can I borrow some?

Yes. The harnesses and shoes are meant for indoors climbing only. The fee of borrowing climbing shoes is 2 € / time. Please return the equipment to their places when you are finished. You can borrw also some other equipment from the club, for example pads and helmets. These are to be marked in the notebook upstairs. 

How to pay?

There is a yellow box upstairs - the payments are to be put in there. Mark down the details (what, how much and signature) of the payment in the notebook.

What do I do with loose holds?

Loose holds have to be tightended right away. There are hex head wrenches in the cave and in a tool box under the stereo table upstairs.

What to do if I find faulties in equipment?

Mark the equipment, put it aside and inform to a board member or High Sport mobile phone number. 

I want to suport the club and secure climbers, what do I do?

Please read the instruction of securing the public. 

Any problems?

Call 0500 447 778 or a member of the board.