You can find three circuits from the Pet Sematary, each touring close to thirty classics of the areas ca 300 routes. The routes are marked with a painted number showing the start, and an arrow, pointing to the direction of the line.

If you have feedback of the circuits, please send your comments and suggestions to vaasanhighsport(a) As of writing, no one has completed the yellow or red circuit in one session, so if you do so, please write us and let us know who you are, when you did the circuit, and what was your time.

The circuits are: 

  • Green, Font 3-6a, begins from Hammer and continues anticlockwise via the path network of the area. 
  • Yellow, Font 6a-6c, begins from Ällöpylly and continues clockwise.
  • Red, Font 6c upwards. Only for superheroes. Begins from High Times and goes anticlockwise.


A more extensive guide of the area and routes at 27crags/hautuumaa